Owner Review: VW ID.4 CROZZ, there are more pros than cons.

ID.4 CROZZ price: Intelligent experience is great and cost effective,as a electric car

[Car Buying Experience]

I bought a car relatively quickly, May suddenly want to buy a car, so I began to pay attention to some models, originally the budget is about 20, and did not think to look at the public, then look at the models are BYD Seal, which NETA S, Changan Sl03, Leapmotor C01, these models, but there has been no news, also do not know when to market, my personal nature is more anxious, can not wait, so I began to look at id4c, id4x, Song The first thing I did was to test drive the Han, the sales of that finished thing, squinting at people, turning their heads away, and then to test drive the Song p, Song okay, all aspects are quite suitable, is the smell of the car is big, finished my father does not like byd... Finally went to see the ID4, I do not drive much, there is no feeling, I feel quite Beautiful, the lights look good, and then my father tried to say, this chassis can, drive a good, on this bar, do not consider the new power, do not believe in the new power ... and then ordered, the landing is 230,800 yuan.

ID.4 CROZZ price: Intelligent experience is great and cost effective,as a electric car

The most satisfying part is the lights, which are handsome and automatically open near the lights, and the rear tail light animation is also very beautiful. The lifetime free traffic sent to save a lot of heart.

I've never felt bad about driving a car, but I feel very stable driving. The first part of the acceleration is good, the second part has not been tried, anyway, when waiting for the red light can run the first. The quiet aspect is also good, the noise in the car is not too much, and is more comfortable when crossing the bad road, not so much bumpy feeling, turning radius is relatively small, turnaround time is more convenient.


I bought before looking at the evaluation of what said the degree of intelligence is poor, how to how to drop, pick up the car now more than a week, this week to drive down the feeling is not bad, voice assistant basic functions will be, semi-automatic assisted driving with a good, is not good automatic parking, once when the side almost dislike the rear car butt, fortunately I stepped on the brakes, scared me a jump. Add ar-hud, feel cool, very comfortable. The interior is a bit crotch pulling.


The range is a little less than expected, but such a heavy car is understandable, I see byd car circle is 11, 12 energy consumption, I drive this is more than 20 points, fully charged range is more than 400 points, or less!

Space performance

Space is okay, the front row to a comfortable position if the rear row can still leave out two and a half fist space, of course, may be the problem of my driving posture, I 172, you reference.

ID.4 CORZZ performs well in all aspects


The most unsatisfactory is that the electricity consumption is too high, of course, and the weight of the car has a relationship, but still a little too high electricity consumption, and is the automatic parking, every time automatically popped up, and did not find how to close. The interior storage space is also somewhat less. In the middle of the car machine black screen once, reported a restricted function, no seat ventilation I am a little dissatisfied, more than 200,000 cars, but no seat ventilation? People domestic more than 100,000 have, which I later have to go to retrofit a. The most unpleasant point is the Capricorn travel! A row of parked in front of the unit! And share a car exactly the same!

Overall still relatively satisfied, although individuals like to sport some models, but ID4 performance in all aspects are good, moderate, do not make mistakes. It is not as bad as the Internet says, the model overall is quite beautiful, I am also very satisfied. The last question, there is no big brother can solve the problem of no signal in the underground garage, out has been the 3g network.


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