298,500 yuan from the new Audi Q5 e-tron listed configuration minor adjustments

Recently, SAIC Audi officially announced the launch of its new Audi Q5 e-tron, with 12 configurations available and an official guide price range of 298,500-432,500 yuan; compared to the 2022 model, the price of the new model has been slightly reduced, and the configuration has also been adjusted.

As the annual facelift, the new car does not change in appearance, the front is the family hexagonal grille design, the internal use of semi-closed structure for decoration, with a strong sense of power; both sides of the headlight cluster using a split design, the style is more individual, which may also become the latest Audi on the design style.

The lower part of the envelope adopts a three-part design, equipped with triangular deflectors on both sides, the temporal part creates a wind blade shape; the bottom is designed with trapezoidal air intakes, embellishing the sense of hierarchy of the front, but also not lack of sporting atmosphere.

Audi Q5


On the side, the roof is slightly curved, and the shark fins and luggage rack are not absent; the roof also creates a suspended shape, and the style looks more fashionable; the waistline adopts a segmented design, and the rear wing of the coupon has a clear bulge, which embellishes the sense of layering on the side of the body; the wheel header and side skirt are equipped with thick black trim plates, which effectively increases the sense of power; the wheels adopt a multi-spoke shape, and the texture is more in place. The wheels have a multi-spoke shape, and the texture is more in place.

In the rear, the roof is equipped with a small size spoiler, and the smoked taillight cluster is flat and adopts a through design, effectively stretching the horizontal visual width of the rear; the polygonal license plate frame area is located below the taillight cluster and adopts a concave design, embellishing the three-dimensional sense of the rear; the lower surround is equipped with a thick black trim panel, and a horizontal structure is added for decoration, making the visual effect appear less monotonous. It is not so monotonous.

Dimensions, the new car's length, width and height are 4876/1860/1675mm, with a wheelbase of 2965mm, positioned as a medium to large SUV.

The interior is slightly different from Audi's family design style, offering a four-spoke flat-bottom multifunction steering wheel, full LCD instrument panel, suspended center screen and paddle electronic gear knob; the gear knob area uses a hollow design, with a relatively large storage slot underneath; the air conditioning vents are designed to run through the center console, embellishing the sense of hierarchy.

Audi Q5


In terms of configuration, the new entry version of the model shine type canceled the matrix LED headlights, heated front seats and other features, and also only provides a 7-seat layout optional, can not be equipped with an optional 6-seat layout. It also comes standard with L2 assisted driving, front and rear parking radar, back-up camera, automatic parking, hill climb assist, panoramic sunroof, electric trunk, keyless entry, one-touch start, heated steering wheel, AR-HUD head-up display, wireless front phone charging, power adjustable front seats, automatic LED headlights, adaptive high and low beam, automatic wipers, automatic air conditioning and independent rear air conditioning. The new car is available in two-wheel drive.

The 40 e-tron version is equipped with a rear motor with a maximum power of 150kW and a peak torque of 310N-m; the 50 e-tron quattro model is equipped with dual front and rear motors with a combined maximum power of 225kW and a peak torque of 460N-m; the battery pack has a capacity of 83.4kWh, corresponding to the The battery pack has a capacity of 83.4kWh, corresponding to a CLTC range of 560km and 550km, and a 100km acceleration time of 9.3 seconds and 6.7 seconds respectively.


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