GWM Artillery EV

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Introduction: We just learned from the official Great Wall Motor that the Great Wall Motor production and sales report for October 2022 was officially announced. The report shows that Great Wall Motor's sales exceeded the 100,000-unit mark again in October, reaching 100,208 units, up nearly 10% from September. The overseas market and Haval brand...
In the past two years, with the continuous implementation of automobile electrification, domestic new energy vehicles have also ushered in a new development, in addition to the "WEY, Xpeng and LI" and other new car-making forces more and more brave, major traditional independent brands have also begun to accelerate the layout. As a member of the...
WEY vs Honda, which electric car would you choose for a comparable price? For most consumers, the purchase budget is kept at about 250,000RMB, and when they want to get into an SUV, they tend to set durability and savings, practicality as hard requirements, and in the face of the current situation of rising gas prices, plug-in hybrid models...