2023 Zeekr 001 over 1000km?3 colors,interior,functions,every upgrades you can know!(Update)

At the beginning of the new year, various car companies have expressed their expectations and wishes for 2023 in various forms. Some car companies have launched 2023 new cars today, and Zeekr 001 is one of them. On January 1, the new Zeekr 001(photos) was officially launched. The new car launched a total of 4 models with a price range of 48387$ to 62258$ . The new Zeekr 001 has updated and improved its configuration, performance and technological functions, which is worth looking forward to. So for consumers, which configuration model is more worth choosing?


Imporvement of Zeekr001 2023

3 new colors for zeekr 001 2023 


In terms of appearance, on the basis of the original, the new car has added three exterior colors of Yuguang Orange, Extreme Blue, and Extreme Night Black. In addition, the new Zeekr 001 YOU and ME versions also launched the Z-Sport sports advanced package, which adopts Yuguang Orange exterior color matching, and provides 22-inch multi-spoke sports forged wheels + Brembo six-piston calipers + high-performance large-size perforated brake discs +Brand high-performance tires, built for sports enthusiasts. The interior is trimmed in orange gray Alcantara and equipped with adaptive racing seats.

Z-sport for zeekr 001 2023


It may be difficult for you to imagine what a six-piston calipers is. In the previous Zeekr001 2022 YOU version, the standard 4-piston can already achieve a very strong braking ability. The official 100-0km/h braking distance is only 34.5 meters, which is quite good for this big guy weighing nearly 2.4 tons!


6-piston calipers are generally only standard on ultra-luxury cars above 150,000 US dollars, or you need to spend a huge amount of money to modify them. This time, the 2023 Zeekr001 YOU version Z-SPORT package allows you to experience the braking feeling of an ultra-luxury car at a very reasonable price.


In the previous version of Zeekr001 2022, the WE version cannot choose the style of the rim. The choice of rim style is released, and it also gives consumers the opportunity to experience the appearance of Zeekr's high-end version at a lower price.

 more rim selections for zeekr001 2023 WE version


For the interior, the new car upgrades the carbon black interior to NAPPA leather interior, and provides four color options of carbon black/nitrogen blue/platinum gray/titanium brown. The seats of the new car are also fully upgraded to Monaco NAPPA full-grain top-layer leather material, which is officially claimed to be 30% softer and more comfortable than NAPPA leather. The electric seat adjustment of the whole car is added. The WE version and ME version also upgrade the electric 12-way adjustment of the main driver's seat, and the ventilation function is added to the passenger seat of all series.


 Interior Upgrades for Zeekr 001 2023


What you need to know is that in addition to the top configuration of the YOU version, the interior of the WE version is only available in carbon black. Although this black is dirt-resistant, it looks too business-like. Moreover, all Zeekr 001 series in the previous version need to be equipped with ventilation for the co-pilot seat. And the problem that the rear seats cannot be adjusted electrically which has been criticized by people.Now, all versions of Zeekr 001 2023 can electrically adjust the rear seat angle!


Functions upgrades for zeekr 001 2023


In terms of configuration, the new Zeekr 001 series is equipped with silent electric suction doors as standard, and the YOU version is also equipped with intelligent sensor automatic doors. In addition, the new car is equipped with a smart constant temperature air-conditioning set and a smart fragrance system as standard, and three fragrance types are available. In addition, the new car is also equipped with the Zeekr OS 4.0 system, which provides the latest visual design and interactive experience, and realizes new car experience such as optimization of vehicle energy consumption, new low-temperature charging and static electric drive heating.


In terms of power, the new Zeekr 001 provides two power options: single motor and double motor. Among them, the single-motor version has a maximum power of 200 kW and a maximum torque of 343 Nm; the dual-motor version has a maximum power of 400 kW and a maximum torque of 686 Nm. In terms of battery life, the new car provides 86kWh, 100kWh and 140kWh batteries with three capacities, and the CLTC pure electric cruising range can reach up to 1032 kilometers.


In addition, in the previous Zeekr 001, there are two types of motors to choose from, namely the Nidec motor and the Chinese Wei Rui motor. If the Nidec motor is used, the single motor version has a torque of 384 Nm, and the dual motor version has a torque of 768 Nm. As for the single-motor version of Wei Rui Motor, it is 343 Nm, and the dual-motor version is 686 Nm.


Regarding this point, the official said that whether it is a Wei Rui motor or a Nidec motor, the service life and acceleration performance of the two are consistent. But in the upgraded version, the original factory canceled the electric motor, so the whole car series only has the Wei Rui motor.


Zeekr 001 2023 over 1000 km,only 1000 units limited!But it means a big step!


In addition, for users with higher demand for battery life, the official also opened a limited number of 1,000 sets of potential battery life packages for the 100kWh version of the WE version. It is equipped with a CTP 3.0 Kirin battery, and the rear drive motor contains silicon carbide technology. Reached 1032km.


1000 km upgrades for Zeekr 001 2023 WE version


In fact, as early as in the catalog of new energy vehicles exempt from purchase tax (sixty-one batches), the most eye-catching one is none other than Zeekr 001 2023.


According to official data, the new Zeekr 001 2023 is equipped with a 140kWh battery pack, and the comprehensive battery life under CLTC conditions has reached 1032km. In other words, after half a year of warm-up, after being equipped with CATL Kirin batteries, new energy vehicles with a battery life of 1000km are really coming.


This also means that endurance anxiety will truly become a thing of the past! At that time, many people wondered whether Zeekr had filed this model and whether it would eventually be launched on the market.After all, according to the current price of lithium batteries, they really have to bear a lot of pressure!


Some people may want to say, hasn't the longest cruising range of GAC Aian LX Plus already exceeded 1000km?




This is true but also not true.


Because, the so-called world's first pure electric vehicle with a battery life of 1000km is just a PPT. What is PPT? If you can’t make it and stay on the drawing, it’s PPT. If you can make it but you don’t plan to sell it or no consumers are willing to pay, it’s also called PPT.


Just a few parameters.


This "thousand-km version" with a battery life of 1008km is priced at 67085$, which is a full 30000$ more expensive than the version with a battery life of 650km; Other than battery life, everything else is the lowest configuration, and even the most basic L2 assisted driving is not equipped.


In a word, the so-called "thousand-km version" is actually the old way of stacking batteries, just stacking a medium-sized SUV at the price of a large luxury SUV!


Back to the Zeekr 001 2023.


First of all, the new Zeekr 001 2023 equipped with a 140-degree battery pack has a declared curb weight of 2345kg, which is not much different from the models on sale. There is not much difference between the SAR. The latter has a CLTC battery life of 802km and a battery pack of 107.92kwh.


One more point to add here is that the energy density of the battery system of the new Zeekr 001 2023 is 200wh/kg, which does not reach the energy density of the Kirin battery, which can reach up to 255wh/kg.




In our opinion, it is mainly due to economic considerations!


From the final pricing point of view, Zeekr 001 2023, the 1000KM option, is also very sincere, only 15,000$ more expensive than the normal WE version.According to the current price of lithium batteries, Zeekr is likely to sell this option at a loss.


The last question, is 1000km battery life really necessary? With the cruising range exceeding 1000km, what does it mean for electric car companies?




For passenger cars, only when the battery life reaches 1000km can the mileage anxiety be completely eliminated, and only then can fuel vehicles be reduced in dimensionality; for commercial vehicles, only a higher battery life can accelerate the elimination of traditional commercial vehicles.


For car companies, 1000km battery life will become the standard configuration for luxury cars!


Updates for Zeekr 001 2023:Zeekr001 broke two Guinness World Records again!


The electric car is the fastest around the pile on the ice; the number of electric cars drifting in a fixed circle on the ice in one minute is the most;


Configuration comparison with Zeekr 001 2023


WE version 100kWh

Recommended index: ★★★★★


The 100kWh version of the WE version is equipped with a rear single motor and a 100kWh battery. The CLTC has a cruising range of 741 kilometers. In terms of configuration, it is equipped with L2-level driver assistance systems, keyless entry, LED headlights, 8.8-inch full LCD instrument, and leather steering wheel/seat. Seats, hidden electric door handles, panoramic sunroof, front seat heating/ventilation/massage, etc., the configuration is rich enough, and the cruising range is also good. Generally speaking, the cost performance is very high.


WE version 86kWh


Recommended index: ★★★★★


The 86kWh version of the ME version is equipped with front and rear dual motors, an electric four-wheel drive system and off-road/snow driving mode are added, and other configurations are the same as the 100kWh version of the ME version, but the corresponding cruising range is shortened to 546 kilometers. Suitable for consumers who prefer vehicle performance.


ME version 100kWh


Recommended index: ★★★★


The 100kWh version of the ME version is more expensive than the 100kWh version of the WE version. The configuration mainly adds steering wheel heating, second-row seat heating, Yamaha audio and lightning switching four-wheel drive system functions. The comfort improvement is obvious, but for ordinary consumers Average value for money.Most consumers in this price rather to choose YOU version.


YOU version 100kWh


Recommended index: ★★★★★

The 100kWh version of the YOU version is more expensive than the 100kWh version of the ME version. The configuration adds air suspension, automatic opening and closing doors, induction trunk, rear side privacy glass, etc., which is very attractive to those who pursue a better driving experience. And all the high-end configurations brought by the top configuration are also the favorite of Zeekr fans.


Finally, let’s talk about the WE version of the 140kWh 1000-km battery pack. Its configuration level is the same as that of the WE version of the 100kWh version. Its main advantage is that the cruising range has exceeded 1,000 kilometers, but the price is more expensive than the WE version of 100kWh, but it can completely solve the battery life anxiety.


Summary: The overall improvement of the new Zeekr 001 2023 is still very obvious. Among the 5 models, the configuration of the two WE version models is rich enough. If you value battery life, you can choose the WE version 100kWh version. The 86kWh version of the WE version of the motor can better meet your needs.



ZEEKR double car debuts at 2023 CES


01. International Perspective Global Co-creation
ZEEKR dual car debuts at CES


ZEEKR x WAYM Customized Exclusive Car Stunningly Unveiled
Based on the world's first pure electric architecture developed specifically for driverless mobile mobility
ZEEKR's future exclusive architecture for intelligent mobility, Immensity-M (SEA-M), creates a strong alliance to enter the L4 level intelligent driving market
Technology power, breakthrough imagination

ZEEKR 001 at mobileye booth
ZEEKR x mobileye launches NZP suing high-speed autonomous pilotage assistance system
January 6, 2023 officially opens high-speed NZP full pioneer test

Smart driving partner, all-round evolution
ZEEKR works with top global technology partners
Forward-looking global layout is effective

02. ZEEKR speed, when all is said and done

ZEEKR exceeds full target in 2022
Delivered 71,941 units in total
Average order amount exceeded 336,000 RMB
ZEEKR 001 was the top-selling luxury pure electric model of Chinese brands over 300,000 RMB
ZEEKR model continues to zero run the third track

A richer product matrix
The world's first native pure electric luxury MPV
ZEEKR 009 shocking launch
2023 ZEEKR 001 continues to be renewed
Luxury, Performance, Intelligence
Absolute benchmark, all-round evolution

ZEEKR ecology, for you
The total number of ZEEKR Direct stores is 250+.
Delivery service covers 330+ cities nationwide
After-sales service covers 208 cities in 32 provinces
Nearly 300 quality service centers
ZEEKR Energy's self-built charging stations are located in 110+ cities nationwide
Total 600+ stations (excluding special stations)
Third party covers 336 cities, nearly 380,000 piles


03. Technology at sea to disrupt the future

ZEEKR has a complete self-research system
With 5 major self-research capabilities
Systematic advantages + huge investment in R&D
Self-research and co-creation go hand in hand, with the strength of forward-looking technology

Global models, global development
ZEEKR European Innovation Center (CEVT)
Gathering more than 2000 top automotive engineers worldwide
Providing complete solutions from design to R&D
By 2023, ZEEKR will enter the European market
This is the beginning of a global strategy

2023 Technology at sea
ZEEKR join hands with top global technology partners
Cooperation and co-creation, continuous evolution



In the future, ZEEKR will be customized to meet the needs of global users
Provide intelligent and sustainable mobility solutions for global users


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