The same medium-sized SUV, BYD Tang plug-in and Cadillac XT5 in the end how to choose?

BYD Tang DM exterior more design sense, Cadillac XT5 exterior more traditional

When BYD is invincible in the market segment at all levels, it has to experience resistance and competition from all directions, especially after completing the electrification of the whole family before all car brands, the threshold is raised and it will also encounter challenges from luxury brands. In the mid-sized SUV market where Tang DM is located, a 2022 Tang DM-p 215KM 4WD flagship model (hereinafter referred to as Tang DM), which is sold at RMB 331,800, is compared with a 352,700 yuan model. The 2023 Cadillac XT5 2.0T 2WD Style (hereinafter referred to as Cadillac XT5), which sells for 352,700 yuan, is competing at the same price point as the 2023 Cadillac XT5.

BYD Tang DM exterior more design sense, Cadillac XT5 exterior more traditional

The two cars have very distinct style differences. Through Dragon Face 3.0, BYD Tang DM gets a more distinct sporting vision, with a big mouth grille, matrix LED headlights and flat but large air holes with deflectors, etc., all adding to its visual richness, but much more edgy than the softer muscular lines of the Cadillac XT5.

The Cadillac XT5 is purely businesslike. As the earliest mass-produced XT series model, it has the signature shield grille, teardrop headlights and independently presented three-zone air vents on the one hand; on the other hand, the angular lines and edges with the more complete pass-through envelope in its chassis still look much tougher.

Compared with the two cars, the Tang DM is clearly more design-oriented, whether it is the entertainment hardware combination of 12.3-inch digital instrument panel and 15.6-inch large rotating screen, or the dual-spoke touch control steering wheel and short electronic gearshift mechanism, it has design uniqueness. In addition, a large number of baked lacquer panels combined with leather with padding will complete the decoration of the center and door panels and other areas, while the full leather seats will highlight the sense of luxury through the power adjustment of the front with leg rests, heating/ventilation functions and perforated cushions.

The Cadillac XT5 side is obviously a bit more traditional, with a mechanical instrument panel and 8.0-inch touchscreen, even with a digital air conditioning console and electronic gear knob that can't change its traditional practical tendencies. Of course, we see a lot of soft bags in areas including the center, door panels, armrests and even sub-panels, and all stuffed with soft padding, even without the optional leather seats, its overall comfort tendencies are still quite obvious.

Tang DM in-car technology is more advanced than Cadillac XT5

Whether it is smart connectivity or assisted driving, the intelligent hardware and software specifications of Tang DM are much higher than those of Cadillac XT5. Even if Cadillac XT5 can highlight the selectivity in interaction with CarPlay/CarLife, DiLink with 5G support still has more third-party application functions, and the functions it carries such as Gaode Map, WeChat and Shake are able to directly replace cell phones, and It is equipped with wireless charging board, HUD head-up display and other intelligent functions that rivals do not have. In terms of assisted driving, while the Cadillac XT5 only offers fixed-speed cruise control and back-up camera with blind spot warning, Tang DM has already gained full-speed adaptive cruise control and 540-degree panoramic system that can be centered and driven, and DiPilot also supports advanced functions such as automatic parking, remote parking and automatic lane changing, completely throwing off the distance from the Cadillac XT5.

In terms of other features, the Tang DM has the advantage of achieving more technological features, such as sensor tailgate, NFC digital key, steering wheel position memory, etc. The Danner audio, 31-color ambient lighting and full independent heat pump air conditioning with fragrance can enhance its cabin class. The Cadillac XT5 has the same front sound insulation + rear privacy glass as the Tang DM, with BOSE audio active noise reduction will further reduce cabin noise, making quiet comfort a key advantage.

The 4870/1950/1725mm Tang DM is larger than the 4813/1903/1682mm Cadillac XT5, but in terms of wheelbase, the latter is able to pull back with 2857mm, while the Tang DM has a wheelbase of 2820mm. With such standards, the Tang DM has more headroom, and even with the extra third row provided, the Tang DM has a The maximum legroom in the second row is 2.5 fists, which is almost the same as the Cadillac XT5; while the third row can only be used for emergencies, but the overall space is still more practical.


Tang's combined control and passability is even better

Tang DM is equipped with a DM-p hybrid system, which consists of a dedicated 1.5T engine and two electric motors at the front and rear to provide a combined system power of 452kW and a combined system torque of 615N-m, which allows it to complete zero-hundred acceleration in 4.3 seconds and maintain a feeder fuel consumption of 6.5L/100km; and with a 45.8kWh blade battery, it can also get 176km of WLTC pure electric range. The vehicle's chassis offers variable suspension and the addition of a rear axle differential lock in addition to the front MacPherson and multi-link combination, so the overall control and passability will be even better.

Cadillac XT5 is equipped with an LXH model 2.0T engine with 48V light hybrid system, the former provides 174kW of maximum power and 350N-m of maximum torque, with the support of 9AT, the vehicle needs 8.0 seconds to complete zero hundred acceleration, performance is not outstanding but also did not drag the leg, and 7.44L/100km WLTC comprehensive fuel consumption in a medium-sized SUV It is still acceptable. In the chassis, the chassis suspension composed of front MacPherson and rear five-link will be slightly stiff, but overall it can still maintain a high level of comfort on paved roads.

BYD Tang wins as a luxury car Cadillac XT5?

For the following car cost calculation, we calculate according to the electricity price of 0.6 yuan/kWh, 92 oil price of 7.84 yuan/L, 95 oil price of 8.37 yuan/L, 3 years and 60,000 km driving mileage, and 3 years decreasing full insurance premium:

Tang DM maintenance cost is 2445 yuan/year, insurance cost is 8766 yuan/year, we calculate according to 50% pure electric, 50% feeder state driving, energy consumption cost is 1278+5096 yuan/year, comprehensive car cost is 17,585 yuan/year, the calculation can be obtained its average is 1465.4 yuan/month. The Tang family broke 10,000 again in February, second only to the Model Y in the midsize SUV market, and back in contention for the title, and this was done against the backdrop of the vehicle's continued affordable sales, which can't help but want to be applauded.

Cadillac XT5 maintenance cost is 2910 yuan/year, insurance cost is 8442 yuan/year, fuel cost is 12,455 yuan/year, comprehensive car cost is 23,807 yuan/year, the calculation can be calculated as an average of 1983.9 yuan/month. As a luxury SUV market "price cutter", Cadillac XT5 indeed sold poorly, but the 02 month 3,483 results are more outstanding than we thought, and its recent comprehensive discount of 70,000-90,000 yuan in the terminal, which is bound to further lead consumers to shake the determination to adhere to the 400,000 yuan class BBA.

Write at the end

This BYD Tang DM and Cadillac XT5 comparison is actually an unfair comparison, just look at Cadillac's luxury car brand identity alone, with a BYD to compete with some of the big bullying small feeling. But in fact, the earlier completion of the electrification of the Tang DM is not only to cash in on the direct advantages of power performance and sales, it relies on the electronic architecture to build up intelligent advantages, and even out of the more generous configuration instead of making Cadillac look a little embarrassed. Of course, the brand alone, BYD is still not Cadillac's rival, this Cadillac XT5 can also be with the process and configuration tendencies, in the cabin comfort link back to a city, but if you really want to say who to recommend, this cheaper more than 20,000 top Tang DM seems to be our answer.


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