BAIC ARCFOX MPV official figure released, the appearance is very avant-garde fashion, single side sliding door, 2+2 seats

The new car is named the ARCFOX Koala, and is positioned as a compact MPV with a parent-child car concept, and the interior layout is the biggest highlight in addition to the single-side sliding door design.


The overall appearance of the new car uses a very rounded and competent styling style, the visual effect is edgy and stylish, compared to the previous ARCFOX α S and α T have a better sense of refinement.


In the front part, the new car uses a split lamp layout, the upper lamp cluster uses an arc-shaped lamp belt inside, the middle part of the front face shape to create a smile effect, the whole front face looks very happy.


The side of the car, A-pillar with a small fixed triangle window, D-pillar is a hidden design style, the side of the car door is a conventional smooth-opening structure.


The right side of the body is the highlight of the new car, the right side of the rear doors using the side sliding structure, and for automatic electric opening, very practical, and the other model currently using this design layout is BYD's D1.


The rear part of the car, the upper part of the taillight is a horizontal shape, the middle of the letter logo can be lit, both sides of the light group inside the use of curved light source structure, looks very chic.


In the interior, the center console is simple and competent, with a suspended LCD instrument panel and large center screen, and a three-spoke steering wheel with touch multi-function keys.


The new car adopts a 2+2 seating layout, in which the front passenger seat backrest can be folded forward to form the effect of a table. The rear row is two independent seats, including the right seat with double armrests, and the left seat will also provide a child safety seat.


It is reported that the new car will use CN95-grade air conditioning filter, will also provide mercury-free UV active germicidal lamps, and some for the baby ride configuration.


The new car's power has not yet been announced, but with reference to the pure electric power of the previous two models of the ARCFOX brand, it is expected that the new ARCFOX Koala will also be a pure electric MPV.



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