Hongqi enable the new car logo, a variety of new car planning exposure

In addition to the new forces, many traditional car companies in the development of new energy models is also to create a special new energy brand, some are not confident in their parent brand, some are to get more independent car qualification, and operation of the new brand can develop more dealers, expand more store resources to earn franchise fees.


The new brand is a new brand with a new logo. The new new energy brand does not have a new Chinese brand name, it is still expected to use the Hongqi brand name, and the new logo uses a style called "Flag Wonderful Double Wing".


In addition to the new logo, Hongqi has also released a new vehicle plan for the new energy brand. From the new vehicle design diagram exposed so far, the front of the future new energy brand will use a new design language, no longer have the current fuel car style of straight waterfall grille, but mainly closed shape, the light cluster will be L-shaped layout, looks very dynamic.


The rear tail lamp shape is still visible on the current fuel model design style, but the overall shape will be more ethereal and dynamic, the new logo will use luminous effect.The interior will also be more avant-garde fashion, more technology style.


It is reported that the new energy brand has established three new models, of which the new cars codenamed E001 and E202 will be officially released this year, and the model codenamed E702 will be released in the first half of next year.


It is also worth noting that the Hongqi brand will stop investing in fuel car technology and will focus on new energy models in the future. According to its planning, the Hongqi brand will have a sales target of 1 million units in 2025, including 500,000 new energy units.


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