LI L8 real car map, priced from 359,800, the successful successor of the LI ONE

LI Auto brand has launched a number of models in the car market in recent years, and is one of the representative car brands of the new car-making force. Recently, the most popular model under LI Auto is the LI L8. The new car has been officially launched, priced at 359,800 yuan - 399,800 yuan, with two models to choose from. The new car has a better design in terms of appearance, and it can be seen as a replacement model of the LI ONE, but with a higher value and richer overall configuration than the LI ONE.

LI L8  exterior


The model in the picture has a purple body paint, which looks very stylish. Equipped with a closed front face, the lower part of the front face is the lower grille, and is equipped with a running LED light band, which is also the signature design of the LI car. The Li logo in the center of the hood is highly recognizable, and is equipped with LIDAR in the center of the roof.

LI L8  interior


The design of the side of the car looks more solid, the design of the body lines are relatively smooth, the wheel brow position using hard lines design, the windows around the use of chrome material for decoration, and the use of the popular hidden door handle design, the car has a large body size, so it also looks more sturdy. The length, width and height are 5080/1995/1800mm respectively, and the wheelbase is 3005mm.

LI L8  exterior


The entire rear part of the car is relatively simple in design, with the use of run-through LED taillights, and the use of concave and convex design below the taillights, a rich sense of hierarchy, the top of the tailgate is equipped with a large size spoiler.

The interior design is one of the highlights of the car. The three-spoke multi-function steering wheel is equipped with a small-size LCD screen on top and a larger one-piece duplex screen in the central control area and passenger area, with a strong sense of technology.

LI L8   exterior


The new car is powered by a 1.5T range extender with a battery pack with a capacity of 42.8 kWh, and the CLTC has a combined range of 1,315 km. The new car is also reportedly equipped with a magic carpet air suspension.

LI l8 as the successor of LI ONE, the overall performance is still relatively successful, has a strong comprehensive strength, in the same class models are also more competitive.


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