Pure electric range of 210 km! The LI L8 is on sale! Going crazy again?

The LI L8 is on sale! The new car is priced at 359,800-399,800! These are not the focus, the focus is the LI L8 product power is really interesting, so, from the product details, the LI L8 can successfully snipe the recently listed competitors?

Atmosphere! Atmosphere!

In the independent brand, the LI vehicle design ability can be said to be completely independent first-tier level.

From the design point of view, the running LED daytime running lights, the split headlight cluster, and the small area of the lower air intake all show the aura of the LI L8 to the fullest. Therefore, the recognition of the LI L8 is definitely not low, and when you drive to the street, you can guess that this is an LI model as long as you see the shining daytime running lights.

The sides are also a continuation of the simple and generous design concept of the new energy vehicle, with hidden door handles, smooth lines and a body length of 5080mm all in line with the Chinese buyer's "big is beautiful" car buying philosophy. By the way, the manufacturer has equipped the LI L8 with front and rear soundproof glass and rear privacy glass as standard, which is also very considerate for the LI L8 that often travels with a full load.

The design of the rear seems to be a bit "rebellious", as can be seen from the black LED taillights that come with black elements, the manufacturer's definition of the LI L8 is much more than "family". In general, the shape of the LI L8 can be "suitable for young and old".

li l8 exterior

In addition, in the details of the LI L8 is also very generous, for example, the new car will be designed on the top of the body LIDAR, which is obviously for the cost of repair after a collision and consideration. In addition, the new car is also equipped with a power tailgate and power trunk memory as standard. Therefore, from the perspective of functionality, the LI L8 is very "roll".

Configure more to doubt life

The interior of the domestic brand has never been afraid of anyone! What you want, you can have! What you don't want, also give you!

The interior of the LI L8 is actually no different from the LI L9. It is still the simple and useful interior layout design of the new energy vehicle, and most of the functions are basically integrated on the center screen.

From the configuration details manufacturers are also very interesting, HUD + steering wheel interactive screen + 15.7-inch center + 15.7-inch passenger entertainment screen. Not to mention the other, this array is enough to let the friends surprised for a while. As for the chip used, of course, is the more popular 8155 chip, the subsequent upgrade space is also more than enough. If you choose the top model, it will be equipped with two 8155 chips, the configuration is still very top.

The seating part still uses the 2+2+2 seating layout scheme, which is also the current LI more respected. In the 2+2+2 seating layout, each passenger can get a pretty decent ride. The functions also belong to the state of "you have everything you want".

Both the driver and passenger seats support seat heating, ventilation and massage functions. Even the third row, which is usually easy to ignore, is also equipped with electric adjustment and heating functions.

li l8 interior

Electric drive does smell good!

Like the other LI models, the LI L8 uses LI' s more mature hybrid program.

The new car uses dual motors, with 130 kW front motor and 200 kW rear motor, which is still very easy to push the not-so-small LI L8. The built-in 42.8 kWh battery pack can support the LI L8 to travel 210 km in the form of pure electricity. For buyers who commute in the city everyday, the LI L8 can be treated as a pure tram.

Interestingly, the new car in the suspension part also made a serious effort, the front double wishbone + rear multi-link + CDC damping + air suspension structure is destined to the LI L8 driving quality is not ordinary. Not to mention the actual experience, such hardware configuration alone can make a large number of opponents feel embarrassed.


It is obvious that the LI L8 is prepared. At the same time, we can also find that the brand LI is going further and further down the road of luxury. No matter from the machine, configuration and even the ride and the hardware used in the vehicle, it is worthy of the luxury label. This is also the case with the LI L7, which is listed together with this car. The new car is positioned as a "big five-seat all-around SUV" with prices of 339,800 and 379,800 yuan, and is expected to be locked in February next year. So, do these two heavyweights have a chance to reshape the domestic mid-size SUV market pattern? Let's wait and see!


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