Want to buy a new energy car look over, in March these three new cars will be listed, there is no you like?

The more consumers pay attention to new energy vehicles, the faster the pace of car manufacturers to launch new cars. This is not, in March, in addition to some new energy vehicles will be modified, there are 3 new cars will be listed, the recent want to buy new energy vehicles may want to understand a couple of, see if these cars are your dish?

The first: Toyota bZ3

Pre-sale price: 189,800-219,800 yuan

Toyota Zhangnan while cursing the tram, while building the tram, time to 2023 after the Toyota new energy vehicle update speed is also getting faster and faster, it seems that the hot sales of the Volkswagen ID series models, the Toyota more or less a little impact. Toyota bZ3 positioning medium-sized car, the current pre-sale price is basically in the same range with the Camry. The design of the new car uses a relatively avant-garde design concept, front and rear running lights, hidden door handles, low wind resistance wheels, suspended roof and other trendy design are on its body, looks very sporty.


Basic information about it has already been announced, the car will be available in 3 configurations, with a pure electric range of 517 km and 616 km. The 517km range model is equipped with a 135kW, 303N-m motor, and the 616km range model is equipped with a 180kW, 303N-m motor, both with power comparable to a 2.0T fuel engine, and the actual performance needs to be tested to know.

The size of the car is also considerable, the length, width and height came to 4725x1835x1475mm, the wheelbase also reached 2880mm, are considered the class leader, so its driving space is also worth looking forward to.

Second model: RISING F7

Pre-sale price: 280,000-350,000 yuan

As the "son" of SAIC Group, RISING has received a lot of resources in the past few years. RISING F7 is the second heavyweight product of RISING after RISING R7, which is positioned as a medium to large car, and the price range has come to 300,000 yuan, also taking the high-end route. The new car is designed with streamlined design, frameless doors, oversized dome and other designs, making the whole car look quite sharp and avant-garde, and the aura is not inferior to that of NIO ET7 and IM L7 models of the same level.


In terms of power, the car will be available in single-motor and dual-motor versions, with a combined range of 600km and 660km available, and support for power exchange. The rear-drive version has a maximum power of 250kW and accelerates in 5.7 seconds; the four-wheel-drive version has a maximum power of 400kW and accelerates in 3.7 seconds, a remarkable performance.

In addition, the new car is more interesting in that it is equipped with a huge triple screen with a size of up to 43 inches, equipped with RISING OS intelligent cabin interaction system, and equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 8155 chip. In addition, the new car's length, width and height reached 5000x1953x1494mm, and the wheelbase reached 3 meters, an excellent performance.

The third model: Wuling Bingo

Pre-sale price: unknown

In addition to the above two cars, there is a new energy car in March will soon meet with you, is from the Wuling's Bingo. The new car has already opened a booking channel, according to insiders, it will be priced at 70-100,000 range. The car adopts a new design language, taking the retro route, the appearance looks round enough, such design is more attractive for female consumers.

As a small car, Wuling Bingo's length, width and height are 3950/1708/1580mm, with a wheelbase of 2560mm. size is not large, but its trunk volume is considerable, the volume of the second row of seats down to 790L, but also specially created a sunken space, you can put some fragmented items. Some media reports say that its performance is better than the Honda Fit, and the performance of the actual car is expected.


In terms of range, the Bingo will provide 203 km and 333 km of range for everyone to choose, 333 km version also supports fast charging technology, the overall view are mainly commuting, commuting. Power, Wuling Bingo will be equipped with a maximum power of 30/50kW electric motor, power is certainly enough. In addition, it is worth mentioning that the new car will also be equipped with Wuling's Ling OS rhinoceros system, which is also more helpful for daily use, but may only be available at the top.

These are the three new energy vehicles that will be listed in March, all belong to the sedan, for friends who like SUVs may not be very friendly. The three cars are positioned differently, and the price is also high and low, to meet the needs of users with different cars. Just do not know, the above three models, who is your dish?


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