Limited to 500 units, Huawei and Changan cooperation models, Avita 011 debut

Limited to 500 units, Huawei and Changan cooperation models, Avita 011 debut

Recently, it was learned from relevant sources that Avita 011 was officially unveiled, and the official Avita 011 STUDIO limited-time exhibition was held. It is reported that this car is currently limited to 500 units. For this car, you should not feel unfamiliar, because earlier, this car has already had its debut, and released official pictures.

Here, we review the appearance of the car, as a new energy model, Avita 011 has a very sci-fi look, whether it's the closed front grille, or the highly recognizable headlights, the visual experience of the whole car is relatively individual. At the same time, this car is also equipped with a display screen below the front windshield that can display light language, can make the vehicle has a strong aggressive, can well reflect their intelligent attributes.

The view moves to the side, and the design of the whole car is also relatively smooth. At the same time, the through waistline design can make it have a more compact visual effect. It is worth saying that in order to meet everyone's personalized car needs, the new car will be equipped with 22-inch wheels, and has a suspended logo and white calipers, in line with the habits of young people with cars.

As for the interior part, the design of the whole car is also very technological. The front of the new car is a 15.6-inch suspended center control screen with, a built-in Huawei Hongxing system. At the same time, in order to enhance the driving experience of this car, the new car is arranged with 10.25-inch full LCD instruments and a 10.25-inch passenger screen on both sides of the center screen, which can also be interconnected with the two large screens.

The last thing to say is the power configuration, as a reference, Avita 11 is equipped with a Huawei dual-motor system, a maximum power of 425kW, vehicle weight front to rear ratio of 50:50, in terms of charging, Avita 11 application 750V high voltage charging system, charging power up to 240kW, the performance of the whole car can still be guaranteed. For this car, do you think Changan and Huawei's cooperation is reliable?



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